Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT

Jazz + contemporary composer/arranger

Jeff Novotny is an independent composer/arranger of jazz and contemporary music. He writes for big band, concert band, jazz combos, steel drums, vocal groups, small wind groups, and solo instruments. His music spans a variety of styles, from stride piano to bebop, to third-stream and contemporary, and mixing these to create a polystylistic sound. He studied composition and philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Massachusetts. He is interested in collaborating with filmmakers and multimedia artists - please contact him with project ideas.


09 September 2015, Artikel

Vince Mendoza: A Stylistic Analysis

This article analyzes selected works of Vince Mendoza, to discover common compositional features which define his personal style. The author considers harmonic aspects, such as chord progressions and voicings, and the favoring of certain sonorities. ...